The Shed on Durham

  • The Shed on Durham will be constructed in a style that reflects the heritage of the street and the refurbished vintage buildings on the street (see images above).
  • The ground floor will be 10m X 20m with bathroom and shower facilities for use by the patrons and tenants (see floorplan, measurements are approx).
  • The Shed will have a large roller door access at the rear as well as double door access from the rear.
  • From the road frontage it will contain a large overhanging verandah and three large double colonial style French doors for customer access.
  • The size of the floor minus the bathroom area will be around 190m², which can be leased as a whole or shared space for complementary retailers.  We see this building being a tourism or related business hub that helps to promote and enhance the exceptional beauty that our town and surrounds have to offer.  It is essential that this includes a cafe facility to support the vision for the area.  This can be through a pop up style caravan, food truck or similar with a shared dining space around it.
  •  Upstairs in the Shed, there will be two 70m2 office spaces, one to the left of the centre atrium and one to the right.  Each 70m² includes 3 offices and a larger 4th office or meeting room.  They will each include their own shower and toilet facilities and kitchenette and will be well suited to professional offices or commercial business premises.

To find out more contact Wendy Diamond 027 493 6392 or

The Cottage

Number 6a Durham Street is a freshly renovated well-appointed business premise with individual professional rooms available for lease with shared amenities, as well as a shared meeting area and kitchenette. A brand new bathroom with shower provides the ability for lunchtime or before work exercise along the Te Awa Cycleway or Hākarimata Walkway before you start your day in the office. The rear of the Cottage opens to additional private parking with landscaping.

These professional rooms have been snapped up quickly.  We have one last room available here for someone who wishes to be part of this inspiring new workplace surrounded by great people.

To find out more contact Wendy Diamond 027 493 6392 or

The Old Cobblers

Number 6 Durham Street will be renovated to retain its rustic appeal, and include an updated bathroom and kitchenette facility, with a shop front and large open hall space for lease.  It is hoped that this will include an arts collective or be utilised to share the creative genius of our many locals and further support the tourism and services provided within The Shed on Durham.  The Old Cobblers is around 110m2 and will be available for lease in 2020.

To find out more contact Wendy Diamond 027 493 6392 or

Whare on Durham

Number 4 Durham Street will receive an exterior refresh to bring it in keeping with the style of the Precinct, including new awnings and pergola and gardens along the road frontage.  This has the potential for use as offices, beauty salon, professional rooms or other service related businesses (150m2). With 3 rooms and lounge/waiting area or conversion to 4 rooms, there are many possibilities to create this as your new business premise.

Whare on Durham is now leased.

To find out more contact Wendy Diamond 027 493 6392 or

The Cobbler's Den

Number 6b will be available for lease for a business, retail or commercial space and opens onto the rear parking and landscaped area on the street. These premises have high ceilings and are of concrete block construction having previously been an extension built to service the old shoe factory. A great tidy building with huge history awaiting a new lease of life. An ideal location for any business or retail service that will complement the tourism services operating through The Shed on Durham (100m2 est).

To find out more about any of these properties please contact Wendy Diamond 027 493 6392 or

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