The Stream

The Stream is a team of professionals and leaders in their fields who are driven by their mission to see data used to its fullest to make change in our world. Their goal is to improve decision-making at all scales by enabling access to data, for use alongside science, mātauranga Māori and community values.  Their hope is that this will lead to a source of truth empowering New Zealanders to leave our country better than we found it.

The Stream is your all of data service delivering in-depth insights about water, soil and air.  They specialise in bringing all the tech you need, along with all available data, all in one place.  With leading tech in air, soil, water, heat and pest control sensing and analysis, The Stream team can help you to get access to the tech you need to certify your progress, identify issues, find solutions and achieve compliance. They work within the community, agricultural and industry sectors to provide their clients with the greatest access to environmental data across the country.

The Stream Team are loving being based at Durham Precinct and are enjoying the feeling of connection it gives their business.  They would love to hear from you and talk about how they may be able to be of help to your organisation

Whare on Durham
Durham Precinct
4 Durham Street



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