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We have a number of well-appointed spaces available for lease that are suited to a range of different businesses.  These are proving popular and many are filled already so if you have a need for retail space, professional office space, tourism space or co-working space then click on the options below to find out what might suit your needs. To find out more about the perks of having your business in Durham Precinct read more here...

Our intention

We plan to have a blend of business types and business experiences in Durham Precinct who will support each other and lift each other up as they pursue their respective business dreams alongside our shared hopes for the local community and its visitors.  This vision is taking shape with the current businesses who are already part of Durham Precinct which is exciting.

Well-appointed space in a vibrant destination business environment

The Marketplace is open. Find out more about the exciting businesses that are positioning themselves here...

Our superb 2019 Dinner on Durham season was brought alive through our partnership with Gourmet in the Gardens. Come along for the 2020 Dinner on Durham Season and enjoy....


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