Koru Asset Development Group

Koru Asset Development Group is owned and operated by Elton Parata.  Elton loves the convenient location of Durham Precinct and the way that it provides a point of connection for the community within it and around it.  Elton started Koru Asset Development Group as he saw a need and had a deep desire to see Māori empowered and equipped to manage their own whenua and economic, social, cultural and environmental development so they can have truly sustainable intergenerational wealth.  This is the purpose for Koru Asset Development Group existing.

As far as Elton and his team are concerned Assets can be defined as:

He Tangata – People
Whenua - Māori Land Blocks
Putea – Monetary Assets
Pakihi – Business Assets
Papakainga/Marae/Urupā – Social and Cultural Assets
Waterways and Coastal Environments – Environmental Assets

Elton and his awesome team will walk alongside you and your whanau as you unpack your vision  and work together to develop a mutually agreeable plan.  He will help you bring your vision into reality while teaching you and equipping you with his proven knowledge, tools and framework.  You will be encouraged to learn and be empowered thoughout this process so that your whanau can do this work yourselves as you move forward into other ventures.

Elton would love to hear from you about your ideas and vision for your whanau. Give him a call on 021 0879 9078 or visit Koru Asset Development Group to learn more.

Whare on Durham
4 Durham Street

Contact details
P. 021 0879 9078



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